Our web server is a mix of Apache http server and Tomcat server. Whenever any request comes, first it'll handled by Apache server.If it's kind of .html or .htm or .log etc., then your Apache server will process it. When the request is kind of .jsp, Apache will pass the request to Tomcat server and Tomcat server will process the request.

I used a java web application in Tomcat which getting some servelt mapping for .html and .log. Because the Apache http server getting the configuration to deal with .html, the given request isn't passed to Tomcat server.

I checked with this Admin, they confirmed me that, i can produce a .htaccess file within the root directory, which getting the configuration to disregard or redirect the .html request from being handled by Apache http server.

Is anyone know what's the command/configuration i have to include the .htaccess file ?

I am speculating you utilize mod_jk: have a look here http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-3.3-doc/mod_jk-howto.html#s73 to forward demands for your tomcat instance.

mod_jk may be the one for this purpose.

You may also use Apache mod_proxy. Browse the Warning at the outset of the page carefully.