We've on our website 100s of links that could indicat:


But we want them to visit:


It is possible to method to point these to the right directory?

We're running on the Linux server and also the website is build with Joomla Version 1.5.10 and there's ARTIO JoomSEF 3.8.2 running onto it.


Presuming you are while using Apache webserver, you should use mod_rewrite, particularly the RewriteRule directive:

RewriteRule /about/about/(.+)$ /about/$1 [R=301]

Place this rule inside your httpd.conf file within the <VirtualHost> context for that site under consideration, or perhaps in a .htaccess file within the site's DocumentRoot.

This rule can create a 301 Permanent redirect for demands to the path under /about/about/ towards the same path under /about/. e.g., /about/about/filename.html will redirect to /about/filename.html