I've got a problem where after i visit my website it pops up having a redirect loop. I have attempted clearing the URL Redirects in the IIS Admin Console within the web user interface from my host company and I have also attempted getting rid of the httpd.ini file in the site root directory to obvious all re-directs, but for whatever reason after i visit the site still it really wants to redirect within an endless loop. The website is agrionline.biz

Before used to do anything I'd a subdirectory domain pointing setup which made http://agrionline.biz really use agrionline.biz/site1/ because the root folder. I needed to alter this to ensure that rather than which i wanted my website to really redirect towards the site1 folder, instead of utilize it because the root. And So I went in to the IIS Admin Console on my small hosting companies web user interface and attempted to include a URL Redirect from '/' to '/site1/'. I quickly visited the domain pointing admin page within the hosting companies web user interface and erased the domain pointing. Anyway after doing all of this, the website has become stuffed and when Time passes to to these two areas and obvious the redirects and also the domain pointing as well as go and take away the httpd.ini file which was produced, the website still improperly re-directs!

So what can I actually do to solve this? Any ideas? Has anybody experienced this before on the hosting that is shared account without immediate access to IIS.

In the user interface it states my server platform is Home windows 2008 Server Enterprise.