Ok, therefore we are utilizing vBulletin..ya I understand. That is inside our Kohana based system. The breakdown is the following.

This is the way vBulletin marks its member URL's http://server.com/forum/member.php?21148-username

I have to redirect these to this. http://server.com/member_profile/view/vb/21148

During my .htaccess I've this rule

RedirectMatch 301 /forum/member.php(.*) /member_profile/view/vb/$1

Finish Result: http://server.com/member_profile/view/vb/?21148-username

It features a ? and i have to remove -username

I have attempted several versions using $2 and so forth, however it does not appear to utilize RedirectMatch.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

You'll need a little more inside your .htaccess to do this. Something similar to this must have the desired effect:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^([0-9]+)\-.*$
RewriteRule ^forum/member.php$ /member_profile/view/vb/%1? [R=301,L]

Which will take: http://server.com/forum/member.php?21148-username

and return: http://server.com/member_profile/view/vb/21148