I've got a two-part problem.

  • I'm attempting to implement a redirect just for the home page Hyperlink to render having a trailing slash. Example: redirect www.domain.com to www.domain.com/ BUT allow other Web addresses to render with no trailing slash.

Finish Goal:

  • This get complicated because there's one WordPress install with one .htaccess file but 6 other sites (with various domain names) installed underneath the primary Wordpress install. I have to implement the trailing slash only around the home page URL for any site that's planned underneath the primary install and shares exactly the same .htaccess file using the primary instal domain. So a rewrite base is only going to modify the primary install domain, not another 6 sites.

This is actually the very first time I've experienced this type of structure and contains me totally confused. Is even easy to achieve? Thank you for any help!

There actually is no have to pressure a trailing slash when there's no path, if the road is empty, it's implied to become / already. Getting the slash there or otherwise can make simply no difference within the rendering of the pages or how Apache handles the request. As well as, redirecting customers to achieve the / appended will just lead them to waste an additional HTTP request.

However, you are able to prevent Apache from adding the / to Web addresses which look like a directory applying this:

DirectorySlash Off

That will prevent /pages from becoming /pages/. Although, if your user by hand types it along with the / in the finish, it it's still there. Again, redirecting simply to remove a / in the finish is really a waste.