I'm focusing on a Wordpress site that utilizes an e-commerce engine for a few of the account functions of drenched in customers. I can control what pages customers see and what content they could communicate with in many places on the website, however one URL must be forwarded to the account page, but I don't need redirection around the not child pages.


mydomain.com/baseurl --> should redirect to customer account page. However I don't want to redirect child pages.

mydomain.com/baseurl/some-child-page/product --> should not redirect anywhere and merely display normally.

I already attempted the htaccess:

Redirect /baseurl http://mydomain.com/customer-account-page

but this realistically affects child pages too.

Is easy to redirect just the base URL page? I'd rather not disrupt the present software that shows some dynamic content around the base URL page, so Among the finest to direct from it instantly as I'm not going the customers to ever observe that page.

I did not see my exact question elsewhere here, and so i hope someone can direct me. Thanks!

Try adding the next for your htaccess file within the root folder of the domain.

RewriteRule ^baseurl$ http://mydomain.com/customer-account-page [L,R]

When the URL you need to redirect is http://mydomain.com/some-folder/to-redirect.php then your rule could be

RewriteRule ^some-folder/to-redirect\.php$ http://mydomain.com/customer-account-page [L,R]


Add the next for your .htaccess file within the root directory of mydomain.com

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /

#redirect mydomain.com/shop with or without trailing slash
RewriteRule ^shop/?$ http://mydomain.com/customer-account-page [L,R]