What's the problem whenever we cannot connect with specific domain .

For instance , we can't visit hotmail.com.

Without more details it's difficult to inform but listed here are a couple of options:

  • An problem in your connection. Should you can visit other remote sites, that's clearly not the issue.

  • An problem on your Web service provider connections. Are you able to visit other sites within the same area/country because the site that you simply cannot visit?

  • An explicit filter that limits use of that website. For instance, some ISPs block YouTube, companies may block their competitors' systems, government authorities block sites that permit their political competitors to talk up, educational facilities (make an effort to) block porn sites and aware parents block around they are able to around the computer systems of the children.

  • A DNS server problem that doesn't allow that website to become resolved. Knowing its Ip you can test that directly.

  • Connectivity problems from that remote site or its Web service provider. Web sites attack around the network of the Web service provider or host company can certainly disable a lot of sites simultaneously.

  • The issue site could simply experience server problems or perhaps be overloaded. Major sites like Hotmail are much more unlikely to become affected such as this, although a Web sites attack may bring a website on its knees.

  • Someone working for you from the Internet (or else you, for your matter) continues to be bad (sic), and also the remote site has temporarily blocked your Ip range to safeguard themselves.

You will find other options, obviously, but debugging network issues doesn't seem possible having a problem description of "it don't works any longer"...