Hi All i understand this questions seem stupid. However i wondering if there's a method to redirect this site to google appengine once the server lower. This really is my scenario: I am using Google AppEngine to host my static files, and that i own your blog that is host on the VPS. But sometimes the VPS lower in excess of 6 hrs without warning. And so i include this concept, what about basically host the "lower for maintenance page" on appengine, so when my server is lower, it'll redirect to something similar to this: maintenance.somedomain.com that is host on appengine. So my site visitors know what's going on. If any one of you are aware how to get this done, help me. I truly appreciate all your time and energy. Thanks


You cannot do that through code because the code to complete the redirect is area of the unreachable site. You'd require a load balancer, proxy as well as other network level redirector that will have the ability to identify the server condition separate from your code.

You could do this this with DNS: Have your www subdomain CNAMEd for your server normally, and alter that (by hand or with an automated process running somewhere apart from your server) to suggest to ghs.google.com when you wish to transmit visitors to Application Engine. Make certain you've Google Applications set up for everyone your domain via your Application Engine application.

I am unsure why you'd do, though - why don't you just host this content on Application Engine full-time?

Some DNS companies are providing this type of failover services. An example is zoneedit http://www.zoneedit.com/failover.html but you will find most likely lots of others ase well.

The larger problem is really a VPS being lower for any very long time, seems like you'll need a new host. Load balancing is what you ought to Google with this idea, though.