I presently own the web site www.abc.com. The web site includes a sub-directory for each one of the 3 target nations: .../en-US/ (U . s . States), .../es-MX/ (Mexico), and .../es-DO/ (Dominican Republic). I've two primary questions regarding this setup:

  1. Presently, the primary domain/root (abc.com) consists of an empty index.php file, but I'd like for any user to become rerouted to among the sub-sites according to their regional location. What's the easiest method to make this happen? I've checked out using browser language-based redirection, but exactly how would I understand whether or not to direct a person towards the MX or DO site when the browser language is placed to espanol? It is possible to method to identify a user's geographic location?

  2. Also, the three websites are practically identical except every one has 3 unique pallettes and also the US website is in British as the MX and DO sites have been in Espanol. My issue is which i believe GoogleBot is penalizing/banning my website since the espanol text around the MX and DO pages are nearly identical and therefore are thus marked as replicates/junk e-mail. It is possible to way of preventing this?