I've trouble comprehending the rewrite rules. I have attempted a few, but none of them appears to operate.

I've got a folder let us say in root/private/images/ that I wish to be utilized using http://website/private_images/. This site has been offered from root/public/, that ought to be in which the .htaccess file is.

I'd need something similar to i guess (which does not work):

RewriteRule private_images/(.*) ../private/images/$1

This will work, because I am doing something similar to you need to do and delay pills work perfectly on my small website (not launched yet sorry you cannot view it).

Here's the way i get it done:

# ...test if file exists in partner dir :
RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/../partnerdir/%{REQUEST_FILENAME}  -f
# file exists => rewrite + end :
RewriteRule  (.*) %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/../mypath/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} [QSA,L]

Let me know whether it works.

Two hints:

Please use the RewriteLog directive: it allows you to find such problems:

# Trace:
# (!) file gets big quickly, remove in prod environments:
RewriteLog "/web/logs/mywebsite.rewrite.log"
RewriteLogLevel 9
RewriteEngine On

My personal favorite tool to check on for regexp:

http://www.quanetic.com/Regex (be sure to choose ereg(POSIX) rather than preg(PCRE)!)

May I request you to definitely add the rewritelog inside your question?

In my opinion the main reason this does not jobs are that Apache translates the 2nd argument like a URL, however it can't resolve ../ in accordance with the main of the site.

The best way to handle this setup would be to place the lines

Alias /private_images /path/to/root/private/images
<Directory /path/to/root/private/images>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

inside your virtual host configuration.

Without having accessibility virtual host configuration, place the

RewriteRule /private_images(/.*) /path/to/root/private/images$1

within the .htaccess file.