i have to redirect temporally a website to some subdomain, this really is my code for .htaccess:

Redirect 302 / http://m.domain.com/

this is effective, however i possess some subdirectories like: http://domain.com/photos, the code above redirects by doing this: http://m.domain.com/photos i've got a large amount of subdirs and sub-subdirs, the way i can redirect effectively all of the subdirs towards the same subdomain? (http://m.domain.com/)

Read this publish, It may help you. It appears like several you'd have to do is improve your redirect to appear something similar to:

Redirect 302 ^/.+/.*$ http://m.domain.com/


Hey, this is a tool for producing the redirect code, and allows you select the way the final URL looks, not understanding regex. May help you.