A website title that people have is applying google mail since it's after sales, nevertheless its not located anywhere (no website). How do i, with the registrar interface (I am using 1&1), redirect ppl who key in http://mail.example.com to http://mail.google.com/a/example.com ?

I can produce a subdomain and hang its DNS/CNAME, but exactly what do I put where? Also, basically get this to change does it modify the existing mail delivery (that things are running fine presently).

It works out it had not been that tough... and also the instructions are members of Google itself: Dashboard -> Service configurations: Email -> General:Website -> Change URL


Altering CNAME record

To make use of the custom URL mail.example.com, you have to alter the CNAME record together with your domain host.

  1. Register to oneandone.
  2. Navigate for your DNS Management page. The place and title of the page will be different by host, but can generally be located in Domain Management or Advanced Configurations.
  3. Discover the CNAME configurations and go into the following because the CNAME value or alias:


  4. Set the CNAME location to the next address:


  5. Save changes together with your domain host and click on "I have completed these steps" below.

You can't redirect to some path (for example /a/example.com) only using DNS. DNS CNAME records could make mail.example.com/foo effectively indicate mail.google.com/foo, but some thing sophisticated will need HTTP redirects. Which means you need someone hosting your internet page with this to operate.


In case your registrar provides an "HTTP Redirect" option, you should use that. Some registrars do. If you are using this, they are effectively managing a minimal web server for you personally. Observe that this might break SSL when customers access your page via https://example.com.

Mail delivery is by MX records, which will not have changes to other kinds of record (as long as you do not hinder the DNS records for that domain's mail servers).