I have converted an affiliates old web site to Wordpress. The domain title continues to be same. All of the old .aspx files fall under the main from the domain folder (www.xxx.com) without any .htaccess file as the Wordpress alternative site comes with an .htaccess file - domain is www.xxx.com/ctpc

I've 36 old .aspx files within the root that I have to permanently redirect towards the particular wordpress documents within the /ctpc subfoler.

I'm able to perform a bit of code, html particularly with good instructions can paste code, but writing code to accomplish this is clearly over my mind.

I have investigated this for any day and half now and 'm going downhill if any direction whatsoever. I'd be thankful for any help possible.

thanks, ~Jennifer

I would suggest placing a .htaccess file within the root domain, having a redirect for each one of the 36 .aspx files, such as this:

Redirect 301 /oldpage1.aspx http://www.newsite.com/ctpc/newpage

Put among individuals on each line for each one of the .aspx files. Do that inside a text editor, like Notepad for Home windows, save it as being .htaccess, after which upload it towards the root domain.

One solution might be to include a META refresh tag towards the header portion of each one of the .ASPX files you need to redirect.

For instance:

<META http-equiv="refresh" content="5;URL=http://www.xxx.com/ctpc/new-file">

This tag states to refresh the page in 5 seconds by delivering the consumer to world wide web.xxx.com/ctpc/new-file. You may make this an instantaneous refresh by altering time to .

If you are using permalinks in Wordpress, place the 301 redirect that's in the above list the Wordpress spinning inside your .htaccess file. And edit your .htaccess file yourself should you let Wordpress instantly email your .htaccess file, sometimes you'll finish track of multiple rewrite records that induce problems.

There is a WordPress redirection plugin that will permit you to manage all this from inside the WordPress admin section. You may create redirects for all your 36 pages after which keep an eye on the number of time the web pages are becoming recommended and which pages have old links.

I am attempting to perform the same factor and am encountering issues. I have to redirect:

world wide web.requirementsquest.com/Educate.aspx to //www.requirementsquest.com/training

I have attempted this during my .htaccess however i have an "server error in application.." message. This is exactly what I am using:

Redirect 301 /Educate.aspx http://www.requirementsquest.com/training

Should not the work?

Thanks, Jonah