I am unfamiliar with a few of these sending techniques and that i need assistance. My problem is:

  1. I've got a site located on discountasp.internet. My domain was registered through 1&1 and that i rerouted the DNS as to the discountasp.internet wanted. Then when a person types world wide web.mydomain.com, he/she sees the ASP.Internet site located on discountasp.internet, that is all fine

  2. My primary page is Index.aspx, I truly suck at html page design and that i do not have time or even the talent to fiddle by using it (or money to make it happen with a professional). The relaxation from the pages are fine.

  3. I wish to make use of a good theme from tumblr or bloggr - among the blogs and make up a page that I wish to use as page one - on blogger or tumblr - say yyy.blogspot.com (I've many reasons, so for the time being do not party my decision - let us just say that is what I'd like). Which means whenever a user types world wide web.mydomain.com, it will redirect it towards the blogger or tumblr page. Anything else stays the sme - the hyperlinks about the blogger page will say world wide web.mydomain.com/xxxx and appear what's about the located website. I've setup the IIS rewrite rules etc. etc. to ensure that all works all right

The end result is I wish to show an exterior site's web site as my root page. I guess I am battling to even explain things i want!

I'm able to obviously perform a response.redirect about the Index.aspx page - the easiest method to manage this, however the large real question is will this hurt Search engine optimization in some manner? Otherwise, that might be things i do and then leave the relaxation from the infrastructure intact (I've already carried this out to check and delay pills work fine)

Thanks greatly j

Depending on that which you stated it appears that you're developing a problem on your own for pointless :)

What's your reason to try to replace the home page having a page from the blogger url and then leave the relaxation from the site intact?

Could it be to find the Content management systems (content management) options that come with your blog to create your home page editable?

You will find many Content management systems systems available.

Also if you're posting to some blog there's an Feed which you'll sign up for an inject to your home page to exhibit the most recent news inside a box...

Could it be to find the site design supplied by your blog to operate in your primary site?

Transforming the free css templates available right into a master page is fairly simple process.

Another thing?

Share it around therefore we can provide advice!

It appears that you ought to sort out these complaints instead of concocting a more sophisticated deal with!

To reply to your question it most likely can be done to create this as much as display the page however it will easily fall to bits. For those who have a comment form in your page for instance and somebody submits the shape it'll publish to the actual url not the fake one you're spinning.

The short response is, yes, 302 redirects often hurt your search results because clearly you can change that to something dubious. It wouldn't likely affect any Search engine marketing quality scores becasue it is common practice for Search engine marketing shops to host an interstitial URL for further monitoring and statistics.

If you can to obtain URL spinning to operate so that anyone's address within the address bar does not change (i.e., no 302 redirects), which will only enhance your Search engine optimization value. Consider too that any content you believe customers might connect to ought to be from the domain you've registered on 1&1, or you'll lose a number of your "backlinksInch towards the other domain.

I'd update the page to see "My blog is here now "link", this website is being builtInch.

As mentioned by everybody else, the redirection will not assist you to from an Search engine optimization perspective but when you want to keep your website you should not simply redirect but provide the user an opportunity to click to your site.

Should you only plan to possess a blog long-term ditch the domain and host and merely make use of your blog account.

Sounds in my experience like you are further complicating existence with regard to keeping your domain reputation for individuals to use, to put it simply it is a downside for you personally ...

search engine optimization / user typing a couple of different chars directly into their address bar


You choose !!