I'm hosting two webpages during my server. The first is running on Apache and also the a different one on Glassfish. Right now I solve the redirection problem making the Glassfish server to pay attention on the port distinct compared to 80. However , I believe my web customers possess a firewall obstructing individuals ports so that they canĀ“t access the GlassFish web. Which way can you recommend me to consider to be able to create a URL request-based redirection? I wish to result in the glassfish web a subdomain from the Apache one, being both running in the same IP.

Basically haven't been sufficiently obvious with my question, please tell me

Appreciate your time and effort.

Perhaps you have attempted modifying the domain or using subdomains? If a person application is eg. at http://subdomain1.yourdomain.net and the other at http://subdomain2.yourdomain.net it will have the desired effect with no problems. Or try http://yourdomain.net for the primary program and http://yourdomain.net/somecontext for sub program. That appears significant moreover the service user.

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