I've got a redmine instance used on the Linux x86_64 system and i'm have a problem with an interesting performance inconsistencey problem. It become this:

Let it rest alone for a few hrs (no request towards the application whatsoever) then begin a connection, it requires a really very long time to reaction to the very first couple of demands (is often as bad as just a few seconds+, sometimes every for response at about one minute). Following the first couple of demands, it performance very rapidly, very quickly where I can tell in the log that it requires under 100ms to response.

I've attempted a few choices to run it using mongrel, used it on passenger-Nginx, as well as on passenger-Apache. The behavior simply reproduceable. I realized in the testing when it's keeping busy, there won't be any problem whatsoever.

Any ideas what it's about? How do i improve this?

Thank you for just about any advices ahead of time.

The problem is probably triggered through the the Passenger pool idleling out. You may either boost the PassengePoolIdleTime to some bigger number, or if you do not wan it to break whatsoever set the worthiness to . An Apache config something similar to below should fix the problems

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /path/to/redmine/site/public
    ServerName example.com
    PassengerPoolIdleTime 0
        <Directory "/path/to/redmine/site/public">
                PassengerEnabled on
                Options -MultiViews