i've got a Joomla site on the Apache/2.2.9 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.9 server and that i wish it to refresh the page at 1 miniute past hourly to guarantee the latest content is proven, this can be a radio website so audience frequently get their browser open on the website for hrs at any given time. Can this snippet be modified to refresh at 1 miniute past hourly?

function refreshAt(hours, minutes, seconds) { 
var now = new Date(); 
var then = new Date(); 

if(now.getHours() > hours || 
   (now.getHours() == hours && now.getMinutes() > minutes) || 
    now.getHours() == hours && now.getMinutes() == minutes && now.getSeconds() >= seconds) { 
    then.setDate(now.getDate() + 1); 

var timeout = (then.getTime() - now.getTime()); 
setTimeout(function() { window.location.reload(true); }, timeout); 


You're already loading the web pages in a frame, no reason for making this harder than it ought to be, only use a meta refresh set to twenty minutes approximately.

i solved it ultimately by using this script, setting it to 1hr and uploading it one minute past... Simples

//enter refresh amount of time in "minutes:seconds" Minutes should vary from to inifinity. Seconds should vary from to 59 var limit="60:"

if (document.images) function beginrefresh()