I am presently focusing on a Java application that utilizes a template stand out file that consists of a pivot table.

Web site file also offers an information sheet that seed products the pivot table. This data sheet is dynamically loaded within the java application with the Apache POI api.

After I open the stand out file I have to refresh the Pivot table by hand to obtain the data loaded properly.

Can there be in whatever way to refresh the Pivot table using the POI api and so i do not have to by hand get it done?

This publish states you are able to switch on a choice around the pivot table which will make it refresh itself instantly each time the workbook is opened up:


Hopefully this it's still true once you have used Apache POI to refresh or extend the information rows which the pivot tables are based.

The fundamental response to this really is no. POI is really a document format readers and author. Upgrading the Pivot table is definitely an stand out engine problem. Sure, another application could attempt to duplicate the Stand out engine behavior here, but that's really getting ugly. I suggest using Joel's workaround of being able to access the stand out COM objects on the webservice to obtain this type of factor done.