I'm studying relational algebra nowadays and I'm wondering...

Not factor it might be better if your compiler was been around that could compile relational algebra than producing SQL?

By which situation a database programmer could be more productive?

Can there be any research on relational algebra compilers?

Thanks ahead of time

See Tutorial D by C J Date, younger crowd includes a good rant somewhere around the evils of SQL.

Also see datalog, while not exactly relational algebra, is comparable.

On my small school one student implemented relational algebra parser like a Bachelor thesis. You can look at it here:

It's in czech language however i think you can aquire a point.

I attempted to create some Relational Algebra queries also it was a lot better than equivalent queries in SQL! These were much shorter, simplier to create, more straightforward, more understandable. I truly loved to create them.

And So I do not understand why all of us are utilizing SQL when there's Relational Algebra.