I question if RDBMS or OODBMS is going to be covered up in not too distant future?

Today I just read a number of articles about variations in each of them and the majority of the articles appear to favor OODBMS. Does which means that that RDBMS is going to be covered up by, not well toned, OODBMS? Otherwise, why is you believe so?

the " new world " of knowledge is about BLOBs.

No, it is not. BLOBs are helpful for several things, however they don't replace or make obsolete more structured databases or even the appropriate utilization of data types.

The relational model is excellent at fixing a particular class of information organization problem. Non-relational models solve some different problems, but that does not result in the relational model obsolete.

You will find other non-relational database architectures emerging constantly. Which continues to be happening because the relational model was initially released.

We are able to use OODBMS, key-value stores, MapReduce frameworks, semantic web, etc., without taking away from RDBMS. There's no zero-sum game.

what's better pickup or sedan?

usage can overlap but have a specialized purpose. When employed for their intended task, they are more effective compared to other used improperly:

  • bad: sofa adhering from the sedan's window on moving day!
  • good: sofa at the back of the pickup on moving day.
  • bad: carpool people riding at the back of the pickup lower the vehicle pool lane!
  • good: people relaxing in the seats from the sedan within the vehicle pool lane.

And that's not to rewrite the millions (maybe billions since I think about it) of economic critical relational databases available anytime potential OODBMS.