As everyone knows a Relaxation web service cannot hold condition - this can be a problem for me personally now after i am thinking about large database transactions and that i question if you're able to help.

My Relaxation web service has one big part - to complete CRUD procedures against a database. Issue is if I must query a table with 1000's of rows and send that to the customer as XML - this isn't good. It's highly inefficient to help keep asking for for 1000's of records However, you canrrrt do partial transactions (i.e. using ROWNUM keyword in Oracle) having a Relaxation web service. How do we get round this?

One possible method of getting records from the table 100 at any given time could be:


I hold condition during the last request posted i.e 100

the following request could be:


and so forth. But is strictly peaceful?

You pointed out CRUD however your example appears like read-action only. Why not introduce paging?

# items 0 to 99
GET /employees?page=0&size=100
# items 100 to 199
GET /employees?page=1&size=100

It's not obvious which condition you mean inside your example. Speaking about Peaceful over HTTP api, yes HTTP is itself a stateless protocol, however the overall system surely includes a condition, which could change with time (e.g. when you are performing write action รก la Publish).

You may can provide example which write actions (you pointed out transactions) you are attempting to reveal through Peaceful api?