I am searching for someone reasonably cheap but much better than nearly all budget hosts available. I am presently with brinkster.internet and I have become progressively annoyed in the their immense unreliability and low available assets.

Fasthosts strategic business plan is close, but doesn't have mysql, has only ASP.Internet 2. and it is maybe a little more costly than I had been wishing for.

GoDaddy supports .Internet 3.5 and mysql on their own fundamental hosting packages.

I've had great luck with Viux.com - their customer support is top-notch plus they were quick to implement asp.internet 3.5. I moved my sites (5) to Viux now and could not be more happy. Very reliable and that i can't say enough regarding their very fast and friendly service! MySQL comes free wonderful their plans and MSSQL is $2/month.

I've attempted a number of hosts, which men are my personal favorite. If you opt for another, just make certain it's not M6.internet, their customer support only agreed to be terrible!

I've had several sites located on http://discountasp.internet and also have had excellent results. They're on year 4 to be chosen best ASP.Internet host within the asp.netPRO reader's choice survey.

We have used GoDaddy inside my primary employment (regular job :-) for quite some time and also have had an optimistic knowledge about them (I additionally lately switched home business from Yahoo! Small Company to GoDaddy).

Regarding reliability, I've not had any issues with down time. Consequently, I've no top notch technical support knowledge about GoDaddy, but from things i continue reading it's their technical support is fairly good (comparable holiday to a technical support I suppose). They provide LINUX and Home windows hosting (in the event that matters for you), MySQL and MSSQL database support, and .Internet 3.5/AJAX.

And also the cost was reasonable, so far as I am concerned.

I have been with one of these men for a great deal, http://world wide web.webhost4life.com/
Cheap and cheerful.

Something which might appeal to you -- ScottGu's latest blog publish mentions Amazon's EC2 will support ASP.Internet.


Based on that which you intend on doing, that may be of great interest. It's often relatively inexpensively, too.

Dreamhost supports stackoverflow's podcast

http://world wide web.dreamhost.com/

Edit: It appears like they do not support ASP.Internet though, which was unpredicted.

Have a look at ReliableSite.Internet

It is inexpensive and good. They can throw a totally free MS SQL 2005 database(1 GB- Extra DB costs $1) the other places charge $10/Month and provide you with less then 500MB of space.

To help you upgrade to mssql 2005(unsure should you where simply using mysql since it is cheaper).

If you won't want to bother altering to mssql 2005 you'll be able to save it for an additional project(you are able to host limitless domain names on Reliable) and employ the mysql database they also toss in free of charge.

I've found Reliable doesn't nickle and dim you for every factor and provides inexpensive price points and also have great coupons.

Such as this coupon for 15% off for existence: "aspforum"

Planet Small Company http://world wide web.planetsmb.com/ are relatively inexpensively, and also have things to look for.

The only real hassle I have had together has ended hosting WCF services. I wasn't in a position to host it as being a local ASP.Internet service, you need to perform a little bit of extra plumbing to by hand give a service host, but nothing impossible, as well as their customer care was there available.

Highly suggested.