There is always an unusual bug in Joomla when adding new article with back-finish displayed having a language apart from British (for me personally it's Russian). The area "Finish Posting" began to become current date rather than "Never" equivalent in Russian.

For any site in php4 finally discovered that strtotime function returns spun sentences for arbitrary words. For "Never" it always -1 and joomla depends on this increase the risk for JDate implementation. However in other situation often it returns a legitimate date. For russian translation of Never (Никогда) it's the situation, but in addition for single "N" it's the situation, therefore if one made the decision to alter the string with a other she or he would face exactly the same problem.

Therefore the code below

      echo "Res:".strtotime("N")."<br>";
      echo "Res:".strtotime("Nev")."<br>";
      echo "Res:".strtotime("Neve")."<br>";
      echo "Res:".strtotime("Never")."<br>";



What exactly would be the solutions could be within this situation? I'd like to not write language-specific date.php handler, but to change date approach to JDate class, but what exactly are language-neutral changes could be to be able to identify invalid string.


I'd consider using a different aproach. Why not try simply to give a new language variable $example="-1" for your language files and replace the present variable ("Никогда" output) with $example so that you can simply obtain the same functionallity.