I am using FastCGI to reveal a C++ binary (written while using Wt framework) like a web application. However, once i have modified the application and recompiled it, to ensure that new periods to determine the alterations (active periods keep while using old version until they expire), I must reload Apache.

Can you really configure the machine in a way that does not require to reload Apache to be able to result in the recently put together FastCGI application open to customers? Thanks.

Quote in the FAQ:

Programs began by mod_fastcgi may use the autoUpdate argument to FastCgiServer and/or FastCgiConfig (begin to see the mod_fastcgi paperwork). A downside of this method is the fact that, mod_fastcgi will check up on every request a brand new version from the application. A wiser implementation may have the applying itself check periodically (either by quantity of demands handled or by time passed) and reload if your more recent version of itself (a treadmill of their libraries) is available. If your process manager, for example that baked into mod_fastcgi, accounts for the procedure, simply exiting may cause a brand new instance to become produced.

So, you can either enable automatic update within the configuration, or perhaps your program does the reloading itself by some mechanism you want best.