I am attempting to test my apple iphone application around the device. I've got a mac computer which stores my development atmosphere. At this time I'm able to only access PHP files while using http://localhost/PHPFileLocation which doesn't work after i attempt to test my application on real device.

How do you configure apache2 to become accessible from outdoors? Can you really configure it to some specific Ip?

I wish to achieve some php scripts situated on my small development machine running apache2 from the apple iphone device.


In case your computer includes a Wi-fi compatability card then you definitely should have the ability to attach the apple iphone remotely to some ad-hoc Wi-fi compatability network produced in your dev machine.

I am presuming your Mac is behind a router. You need to have the ability to configure your router to port forward connections for your WAN facing Ip to port 80 (the HTTP port) in your Mac - see http://portforward.com/ for many help.

You may even have to turn the firewall off in your Mac.

Once this is to establish properly you are able to hit http://yourexternalIP/PHPFileLocation inside your apple iphone application and will also be directed because of your router towards the Apache2 server in your Mac. The exterior IP is generally available on your router's admin page somewhere.