I designed a mistake (I'm not sure how) on my small .htaccess and part of my artilcle's links on Googhe have transformed from :


to :


Where XXX is article's ID. My current .htaccess part that containt articles is :

RewriteRule ^articles/isfahan_articles([0-9]+).html$ maghalat.php?id=$1
Redirect 301 ^maghalat.php/isfahan_articles([0-9]+).html?id=([0-9]+)$ mysite/articles/isfahan_articles$1.html

However it still wont redirect mysite/mghalat.php/isfahan_articlesXXX.html?id=XXX to mysite/articles/isfahan_articlesXXX.html I'd like also remove this ugly link from Google to mysite/articles/isfahan_articlesXXX.html



Whenever you redirect utilizing a 301 (moved permanently) status code, it'll disappear from Google eventually.

To get rid of pages from Google's index you have to produce a google account and employ Google Webmaster Tools. Add your site and Stick to the instruction to validate that you're who owns the website. There's a choice to get rid of web addresses.

The web pages you need to remove must meet some criteria: They require be access restricted or return a 404 or 410 error code.

Once the old web addresses are of the content is blocked or removed, it's only a matter of time until they can look again within the google index.

You can examine your links, its appears this pages are produced due to a mistake somewhere. But I am just speculating.

Additionally you can also add a pattern inside your robots.txt that disallow robot to crawl your website.