I am getting trouble getting rid of the first delay from the Superfish dropdown fix. My client wants a delay onmouseout, although not a delay onmouseover.

I have got a pure CSS dropdown menu (just like the Twentyten dropdown menu) and am using Suckerfish.js for this.

Here's my code:

    delay: 600,
    autoArrows:    false,
    speed: 'fast'

I have been reading through through the manual of Superfish, however i can't appear to locate what triggers the first delay. Maybe it's something related to the animation animation: {opacity:'show'} (that we cannot appear to obtain my mind around).

There's help appreciated!

It appears like you may be such as the HoverIntent wordpress plugin. Among Superfish's options is "disableHI". Should you set that to "true" then Superfish won't use HoverIntent to obstruct the mouseenter event. Or you might simply not range from the HoverIntent wordpress plugin if you don't intend on utilizing it elsewhere on the website. Hope this can help.

    delay: 600,
    autoArrows: false,
    speed: 'fast',
    disableHI: true

Update: I've produced two test cases. The first link is really a simplified version of the page making use of your CSS and also the second link is the same except I removed all of your CSS and just incorporated the fundamental superfish.css located on the Superfish website. I additionally changed recption menus class from 'menu' to 'sf-menu' so the superfish.css works.

Observe that the version with my CSS works as if you would like it to, whereas the the main one together with your CSS has got the bug you describe. I suppose there's a CSS problem you could straighten out by evaluating mine to yours and changing yours to complement it closer. One difference I see is the fact that I set the sub menu ULs to some fixed em width as well as their child LIs to 100%, whereas you don't. This is not the reason, but shows that you might take advantage of aiming your CSS more carefully using the attempted and examined method of doing Superfish menus. Hope this can help.

What you are seeing on mouseover is not any delay however the actual animation running.

I guess you can remove animation.

Should you only animate the peak you receive immediate visual response instead of opacity that takes another to look.

Functionality smart that might be however, you want, haven’t heard of aesthetically.

            delay       : 0,
            animation   : { height:'show' },
            speed       : 'fast'