How do i take away the article title in the readmore link in Joomla?
I do not have sh404SEF.

<?php if ($this->item->readmore_register) :
        echo JText::_('Register to read more...');
    elseif ($readmore = $this->item->params->get('readmore')) :
        echo $readmore;
    else :
        echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));

    endif; ?>

Change this rule:

echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));


echo 'Read More';

Can also be not corrent since it is not multilangual.

Anybody knows the answer?

You are able to configure it in your publish-options. There you are able to specify if you wish to show the button whatsoever, and when so, when the title ought to be shown on it.

You are able to configure that within the publish itself or perhaps in the worldwide choices for an entire category or all posts. Regrettably I'm not sure the british terms with this two options, since i have make use of the german translation.

=== EDIT ===

Okay, I simply rechecked it. You give a new menu-item and choose for instance "Category Blog" as Food Selection Type. After that time the best side you open the "Article Options"-Panel. There you will find the 2 options 'Show "Find Out MoreInchA and 'Show Title with Read More'. Choose "Hide" using the latter one. By doing this your button/link is only going to retain the text "Find Out MoreInch (or which language you've selected) and never the title )

If you wish to generally set this up. There's a different way to get this to behavior default. See your Content-Administration and choose "Options" within the plugin. Choose the tab "Articles" (it is the first). There you will see the 2 options I already pointed out.

I first got it!


echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->escape($this->item->title));  


echo JText::_('READ MORE');  

And you will alter the text in language/nl-NL.com_content.ini and also the other languages too
just look for find out more