I'm using http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pdf24-post-to-pdf/ pdf generator wordpress plugin for my website, however i only need it present on certain pages.

How do i take it out of all pages except a particular template I allow?

In my opinion you can do this with filters, however i have researched and researched and should not appear to obtain anywhere.

I do not think that's possible without modifying the wordpress plugin source code. That might be a pleasant security problem, IMO.

Plug ins are files simply incorporated around the loading process. A minimum of, there is no hook I possibly could find using blogging platforms source code that you should interfere within this behavior. Have a look just over the [cde] hook, and also the [cde] function.

What you could attempt to do, rather, is simply modifying the wordpress plugin using the condition you'll need. In the top plugins_loaded file, just beneath the conventional comments, put: