I produced a document management system for any client which utilizes SharePoint and SQL Server to keep PDF documents. Because of some SAN misconfiguration 3 disks which were holding both MDF and LDF database files dissapeared in the OS eventually. We're along the way of recuperating the information from the SAN but my real question is how do you remove a current database when it is entirely possible that it's MDF or LDF or both files are no more in which the database needs so that it is. I have observed that even if I attempt to check out qualities SQL Server gripes it aren't able to find among the files.

Should i improve the disk using the folder structure and MDF/LDF file because it was initially set up for that database under consideration or can one just configure the database to suggest towards the MDF/LDF inside a new location?

So far as I understand removing and affixing is the only method to go when you really need to suggest a db to various files (or same files but different location) However when the mdf and ldf files are lost the remove (or remove) will fail, when you are going through.

Should you re-establish mdf and ldf files were these were before it'll work - but I don't know this is exactly what you would like.

Without having the files you could attempt Creating dummy mdf and ldf files where they was once (title should be identical) and you will fool it into allowing you to remove.


(for those who have a backup - guess so!) attempt to overwrite your db having a restore and you will pick new file names/location.