I have got an internet site completed in Django .96 (completed in 2007), so we are planning on repairing it (not only moving) for Django 1.2 .

Can anybody point me towards the new (and well worth the while) icons, plug ins along with other stuff for Django 1.2 (launched in april 2010).

I have heard about "South" as well as a widget for debugging (can't recall the title), but I am a little lost here.

The Django API is amazingly stable to not need to rewrite it whatsoever (unless of course you want to).

I've got a site Used to do in 2007 using .97-pre -- a minimum of I believe that is what they known as it, it had been trunk 6688. Anyway, I've ported the website two times, once to at least one. after which to at least one.1.1. The only real "major" factor we needed to cope with was Admin getting into its very own file, but which was mostly cut-and-paste within the editor along with a couple of tweaks. You'll encounter small things like maxlength likely to max_length, etc., but that is easy stuff to cope with.

Look into the lists of Backward Incompatible Changes, and here, and here to determine contrary jumps out to you. Go through the ORM paperwork as though you haven't seen them before -- a lot has transformed. You might want to take a look at a number of your model associations and queries if the modified ORM makes a number of them simpler/more effective to complete.

I suggest using Grappelli together with Filebrowser (actually I believe the current releases of filebrowser require grappelli). Have a look at Pinax for any whole bushel basket of applications introduced together in one place. There is lots available and also you kind of need to poke around just a little. Based on what you are doing, GeoDjango might be of great interest for you. Etc., etc. I am sure you will have fun with all the new toys.

You most likely learned about the django-debug-plugin

Obviously, there is the release notes, however the relaxation is simply items you... find.

South is perfect for schema migration, not debugging.