We've trac site established to listen on /tracproj/, this quickly passes control onto mod_python and does some python miracle (I am a php coder :-p)

anyway. I've got a project at /tracproj/ and Let me replace all demands to that particular url with another page that redirects them elsewhere (We are moving one trac to anotehr bug monitoring system)

The simplest technique is to include a brand new entry within the httpd.conf to pay attention for your dir and redirect but it is just a little untidy :-D I additionally don't appear to have the ability to get results :-p.

Can there be in whatever way - inside or included in trac - to complete what I am after?

Thank you, Chris

Whoever else attempted in Apache that has not labored? That appears such as the easiest method to me.

I recommend something along wrinkles:

Redirect /tracproj/whatever http://another.bug/tracking/system

To get it done within Trac would, In my opinion, require adding (or writing) a Trac wordpress plugin.

We wound up requiring to help keep that old site being an archive therefore we up-to-date the templates to incorporate a hyperlink towards the new bug tracker within the header and transformed the permissions of everybody to disable creating of recent tickets.