During my application i've got a collection_choose on my small people table, the people table only consists of id's. We have an user_id, project_id, role_id, and so forth.

I would like show the people title within the collection_choose. However i have only the consumer_id within the people table, how do i show what they are called in the user table as options?

<%= collection_select(nil, :member_id, members, :id, :user_id,
                 {:prompt   => "Select a member"}) %>

The choose box shows the choices 1,2,3,4, and so forth. it must be name1, name2, in the user table.

Does anyone has experiance with this particular?

To begin with you have to give a new approach to your people model:

class Member < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
  def member_name

Then alter the text_method argument to member_name:

<%= collection_select(:member, :member_id, members, :id, :member_name,
                 {:prompt   => "Select a member"}) %>