I've got a joomla module that utilizes biblegateway to drag nourishes. It uses magpierss and i must change it out to make use of simplepie.

I attempted couple of options but for whatever reason the feeds dont get drawn. This is actually the php class that does rss, and i wish to change it out to make use of simeplepie. Any idea anybody? Thanks.

class VerseOfTheDay
var $verse_title, $verse_link, $verse;
function VerseOfTheDay($rsslink) {
    $verse = @fetch_rss($rsslink);      
    if ($verse) {           
        $verse = $verse->items[0];
        $this->verse = trim($verse['content']['encoded']);
        $this->verse_title = $verse['title'];
        $this->verse_link = $verse['guid'];
    else {
        $this->verse_title = 'RSS Error ' . $rsslink;