I'll begin by stating that I've essentially no training using Joomla as well as really PHP. If only to create a brief "new site not far offInch html page because the index screen for that website (a joomla php site at moment but won't be soon).

After i examined the web site files I had been just a little disturbed as there's no index.php/index.html situated within the website root directory. I don't know exactly how the Joomla Content management systems works (and never to keen to get involved with so that it is honest) but really should understand this temp screen up... any ideas?


If you don't come with an index.php file within the root folder of the installation, you possess an incomplete copy of Joomla. However, in case your webserver is Apache, index.html typically takes priority over index.php. You need to just have the ability to upload your personal index.html towards the root folder for any temporary page.

The index.php you are searching for is incorporated in the templates folder, understanding what templates you are using, visit \joomla\templates\template_name and edit index.php there.

Suggest the jlleblanc method.

Or else you could write articles and publish the "not far offInch in it, then publish around the primary menu because the default food selection and remove the rest of the content. By doing this you will employ the Joomla template.