Anybody understand what the right term is perfect for a small (IP) domain title which without effort signifies a website registered through "typical" channels?

E.g., the word would indicate - - kingdom

Although not: - world wide - - co.united kingdom

(The word second-level domain does not quite work beacuse from the latter counter-example, where co. may be the second-level domain title located inside the .united kingdom country code top-level domain. Maybe this type of term doesn't exist?)

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AFAICS, there is no concrete/authoritative term.

In The skill of Search engine optimization By Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, Jessie C. Stricchiola, they will use terms like complete root domain/host domain/pay-level domain/second-level domain. So far as I can tell, none of those terms is standard, and also the latter term is really strictly incorrect/ambiguous. Similar discussion can be obtained on this site. make use of the term enterprise-level domain, however it's equated with second-level domain and used conflictingly in this report for third/4th/etc. level domain names.

The word 'second-level' is correct for and 'third-level' for kingdom.

The nation specific TLD is ccTLD.

The 'co' in '' is called 'generic-category second level'.

Full particulars on Wikipedia

The Mozilla Foundation uses the word Public Suffix to explain domain names that may be registered through typical channels, so it defines to incorporate .com, .co.united kingdom, and Using this terminology might not be standard, however.

Edit: The Wikipedia entry around the Public Suffix list uses the word "effective top level domain", which seems to explain this idea, even though it does not seem to be in common use.

I am unsure that which you mean by "typical" channels, but I'll explain generally a couple of terms you will probably find handy:

Top Level Domain names (TLDs) are domain names that finish insorg, .internet, .org, or any other "major" suffixes. Including major country being for example .united kingdom and .us The entire list is here now: names

Subdomains would be best described by example. is really a subdomain of, is really a subdomain of


.co.united kingdom is another level domain. While it is a popular choice, it really is only a subdomain of .united kingdom