I've the Ruby on Rails-based application Redmine (in line with the BitNami redmine package) running on the Home windows virtual server. It runs Apache, Mongrel, Ruby, and rails.

When, inside a HTML page I'm creating a template for, I request a static image resource named /templates/mytemplate/images/bkg.jpg - around 15 kilobytes large - I recieve a 502 Bad gateway error about two thirds demands. x

alt text

Apache's error log then consists of

on Apr 12 22:50:33 2010] [error] (620018)APR does not understand this error code:
proxy: pass request body failed to (

[Mon Apr 12 22:50:33 2010] [error] proxy: pass request body failed to
( from ()

It's only for your one resource. Other, much bigger images and CSS style sheets get loaded each time without problems.

Oddly, this can happen only when the look can be used like a background image inside a CSS style sheet. Repeated immediate access tol the look within the browser works fine, despite the cache switched off. Could this be considered a referer problem? However I can't observe how.

I understand hardly any about Ruby nor Rails. Can anybody let me know what this may be and where I ought to look?

Update: On second thought, this may belong on serverfault. Migrate away if you feel exactly the same.

I reinstalled Rails which sorted it.