Inside a Firebird database driven Delphi application we have to bring some data online, therefore we can also add to the application online-confirming abilities.

Current approach is: whenever information is transformed or added send these to the internet server(php + mysql), whether it fails, combine it with the queue and check out again. Then your server getting the information has the capacity to create it's own reviews.

So, to summarize: what's a great way to bring that data online.

Right now I understand both of these different methods:

  • event based: whenever changes are detected, push them to the net server / mysql db. While you authored, this involves queueing just in case the destination system doesn't get the messages.

  • snapshot based: extract the appropriate data in times (for instance every hour) and transfer it to the net server / mysql db.

The snapshot based strategy enables to preprocess the information in ways when fits nicely within the wb / mysql db data structure, which will help to decouple the systems better and more business logic along the side of the delivering system (Delphi). Additionally, it creates a far more continuous load, as it doesn't worry about mass data changes.

Yet another way is usually to use replication but I'm not sure system who make replication between Firebird and MySQL database.

For adding confirming tools capacity on-line : you may also check fast report server