(before beginning sorry for my wrong vocabs or grammer in british , since my native language isn't british, but when anyone could understand plz assist me)

hi, i want help regarding my one college project, i m will make an android based application,

the fundamental concept of the project would be that the user from the application will retrieve/update data from/to database on remote computer(suppose i've database on my small computer of private contact details and wish to view/edit that information, remotely from the where) via GPRS and Wi-fi compatability.

what is available in my thoughts is

i must produce a webserver having a web application, by which the mobile application send/retrieve information by delivering some queries+data around the webserver, after that webserver runs/executes the queries on DATABASE and after performing it, the end result will be sending to the mobile application(android).

(Q1) may be the above thinking is appropriate?? or perhaps is there every other way simpler than that?

(HELP) even the problem i'm facing is the fact that i have no idea the implementation of methods my mobile application will interact with webserver and use of database!! if anyone could provide me the fundamental code/lessons/links etc for your i truly grateful!! and that i haven't enough time left for finishing my project.

i've idea i believe, but have no idea my direction of thinking is appropriate or otherwise and just how i will implement it, for your i wish to give example just what i wish to do

for instance i wish to view listing of contacts(or any information), for your 'show' command will be sending towards the webserver (on clicking the button within the mobile application), the webserver execute the query for instance 'select * from dbcontacts' after which webserver send that list towards the mobile application.

NOTE: for webserserver i'll use XAMPP for webapplication i'll use JOOMLA, etc for databse ORACLE my project is essentially to create such application for android cell phones, so for mobile application i'll focus on ANDROID

You should use XML-RPC to speak between your Android application and also the Joomla web application, which Joomla has support for. To make use of XML-RPC from Android you should use e.g. http://code.google.com/p/android-xmlrpc/

However, since Android applications are designed in Java, why don't you make use of a Java-based application server and write all your code in Java? That may make things simpler, because you say you do not have enough time. I'm not sure much about Joomla however i realize that with Java you will find a number of options based on how to complete network communication between applications.