To begin with, i do not have a clue about databases, so please forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question.

My opportunity gets a torrent of positional data via TCP. Each packet includes a couple of floats along with a timestamp. Our task would be to keep data right into a database (MS SQL Server 2005), running on the modern PC.

Each blob has about 20 bytes. You will find as much as 1000 senders, each delivering about 25 packages per second.

Is really a single, normal PC able to handle this quantity of data? Otherwise, how to approach this issue? Must we setup a devoted PC for every sender?

To understand your needs:
For you to do as much as 25 000 card inserts another
You need to store as much as 20 bytes * 1000 senders * 25 packets * a minute * an hour * 24 hrs = 43.2 GB / day.

A few things:

  • This can be a seriously great deal of data.
  • An ordinary PC can't deal with this, you will need a capable server, and incredibly large disk array additional.
  • What are you planning related to your computer data? If you wish to process it, you might like to take a look at data warehouses etc.

Finally this is not your specialization, with this size project, you'll need a specialist.
Locate one, even when it's for any temporary working as a consultant.