This may be an extremely fundamental question but i wish to confirm here. I am not sure how you can exactly google this hence the question here.

Are this stuff possible using the traditional website hosting that companies like godaddy and hostgator provide where they provide us merely a cpanel and ftp access.

  1. My application will have to listen for incoming mail replies and process them and add the reactions towards the DB. So there must be some kinda manual script configuration within the spend.

  2. There must be a script which must keep running to determine the DB for somekind of designs and perform some processing around the data. Say for instance a script that has to continue running and find out if there's a particular pattern of information happening within the DB. Usually the web applications scope begins whenever a browser clients connects into it and finishes once the client terminates. But this script should be running regardless of the customer. Another example is following a specific threshold it chooses customers and fires mail for them and things like that.

I am certain this needs cloud hosting supplied by rakespace or amazon . com where we now have full use of the servers os where we are able to by hand install the net server and fit everything in yourself. But among the finest to verify it. Also i'd like pointers on how to pull off applying the things mentioned above.

You do not always need Cloud hosting, however it seems like you'll need some kind of devoted machine you have root on. If however these monitor processes do not need to operate instantly you could utilize a host company that enables you use of cron and merely run the monitoring scripts every couple of minutes.