i recieve data from sql then run while ($list = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))

i quickly attempt to perform the same factor nevertheless its giving nothing beats outcome is empty does using mysql_fetch_assoc() clears $request variable?

The function looks after a counter, so obviously you cannot keep utilizing it when it is reached the finish. It is possible to particular reason behind looping through it two times? Anyways:

mysql_data_seek($request, 0);

Is the thing you need prior to the second loop.

You've hit the finish of $result resurce using while loop. To resolve this, rewind your pointer to position when you wish to apply your resource again... take a look at mysql_data_seek() function for more information.

mysql_fetch_assoc itself does not know when you're and therefore are not calling it shortly loop. It does not like magic totally reset to the beginning of the resultset if you use it inside a separate loop.

Totally reset it to the beginning of the resultset with mysql_data_seek once you have arrived at the finish and wish to return to the start... or, ideally, remove you want to iterate the outcomes two times.