We deliver a lot of data according to cleaning soap demands. Each time a request fails, cleaning soap identifies a 500 error should be came back having a response object telling concerning the error. Now we all know for certain that A number of our reactions really ought to be 400 errors because of bad demands, but we're not permitted to transmit individuals. Can you really add something towards the http log files for that 500 "I'm not a real 500" errors to become acquired by Analog or any other stats?


If you work with Apache you could utilize a custom log format and give a area for example:


Where "Foobar" may be the title of the header you signal in the response. Then all that you should do is give a custom header within the error reaction to indicate it had been because of bad user input. Be sure that you start your custom header title with "X-" to ensure that it's valid (i.e. X-Foobar)

Begin to see the mod_log_config documentation to learn more about custom log formats.