I'm wondering if anybody understood how you can reverse engineer an Access Database. I must have the ability to create the SQL code that's accustomed to produce the database tables and also to place all of the records within the table. Quite simply, I must create what is is comparable to a MySQL dump file.

Any ideas could be great

thanks jason

There is nothing included in Access which will create the DDL for the tables.

You will find many 3rd party tools however (ERWin, ERStudio, Visio, etc) that may create the DLL for you personally.

I'm not sure something that will create the Place scripts for you personally. Access does however have ample export/import options if you want to produce a copy of the data after which use that being an import source.

It ought to be stated that there are nothing preventing you against writing some VBA code to loop with the TableDefs and creating the DDL and place scripts yourself.

One possible approach that could work, would be to upsize your tables to SQL server, after which have SQL server generate scripts for you personally.

Regrettably the resulting scripts would most likely be only suitable for SQL server. So then you would need to run them on SQL server after which pull the information in tables lower to gain access to.

Access does support DDL, but regrettably it doesn't have any tools are facilities built-in to create the scripts.