I have to reverse engineer a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to be able to produce a Microsoft Visio 2007 Database Model Diagram. And So I choose Reverse Engineer in the Database menu for connecting towards the DB.

I set up the Microsoft SQL Server Visio driver to ensure that is uses SQL Server Native Client 10. because the ODBC driver. Later on I produced a person DSN which connects to my DB. This DSN works (a minimum of the provided test is effective). After clicking next within the Reverse Engineer Wizard, Visio kindly requests my qualifications that we correctly provide, but after clicking OK I get the following message:

The presently selected Visio driver isn't suitable for the information source.

I attempted while using old SQL Server ODBC driver, by also reconfiguring the Visio driver obviously. It doesn't work too. Any help could be awesome!

Xox Matthias

From Microsoft support through the Microsoft forums:

Further analysis discloses this is anticipated behavior for Visio 2007. When Visio opens an association while using Visio SQL Server Driver it inspections the server version and also, since SQL Server 2008 shipped after Visio 2007 it does not recognise SQL Server 2008 like a supported version and shuts the bond. You are able to wait for future version of Visio to ship which does recognise SQL Server 2008 or make use of the Visio Generic ODBC driver which could effectively open connections to SQL Server 2008. Another option is by using a duplicate of SQL Server 2005 for initial reverse engineering. The Visio team understands this problem.

For connecting Visio 2007 to some SQL Server 2008 database run overturn Engineer Wizard (Database/Reverse Engineer. . . ) in Visio 2007 choose the ODBC Generic driver in the "Installed Visio motorists" drop-lower. Then produce a new databases while using SQL Native Client (2005.90.4035, 2005 SP3). You will get an alert proclaiming that some good info retrieved might be incomplete. Click OK and continue. It isn't probably the most intuitive solution (although not difficult), but a minimum of this will help you to use Visio 2007 for connecting to SQL 2008.

Nick Lambert, Slalom Talking to

You can produce a User DSN within the ODBC Databases Administrator utility after which connect with your demonstration of MSSQL 2008 through Visio 2007 using the choosing the ODBC Generic Driver rather than the Microsoft SQL Server driver.

You might try the SQL Server 2008 Data Mining Addins for Office 2007.

Grab them here: http://world wide web.microsoft.com/downloads/particulars.aspx?FamilyId=896A493A-2502-4795-94AE-E00632BA6DE7&displaylang=en

I really hope this can help!


The issue together with your solution is you lost bodily data types. For instance my column in SQL server is NVARCHA(50) changed into ODBC generic LONGVARBINARY. After I transformed driver to SQL server it transformed into type IMAGE.
It isn't a large problem for just two-3 tables database. However the idea would be to simplify documentation for large databases.
Appears like your only free solution for the time being it to produce database diagram within SQL server.

A classic thread but nonetheless a present problem ... I discovered that although while using ODBC Generic Driver labored, overturn engineering tool then misses out Triggers, Check Clauses, Sights and Saved Methods. By indicating the Access Visio Driver rather, a minimum of we recover the Check Clauses and Sights.

Generally, though, I must say I believe this shows an appalling insufficient regard for his or her clients with respect to the appropriate teams at Microsoft. I'd a really similar experience this past year when improving to Visual Studio 2010 simply to uncover that my SSIS projects no more opened up ... as possible seen from this thread, MS couldn't care less.