I'm attempting to do reverse proxy using Apache directives

I will receive a url such as this:

I wish to modify it like:

now a part of my configuration file is much like this ::

ProxyPass /home/fes/public/ezidentity/

ProxyPassReverse /home/fes/public/ezidentity/

and above i've written Alias /fes-bin/ "/home/fes/" for this reason i have tried personally "/home/fes/" in Pass* directives.

this isn't getting labored . The page still states content not found , if however i can get on directly through browser file will get loaded .

i'm using Apache version above 2. .

Thanks ahead of time.

In line with the example URL, it appears such as the directives ought to be the following.

ProxyPass /fes-bin/public/
ProxyPassReverse /fes-bin/public/

Edit I've just lately been "playing" with Apache like a reverse proxy, and so i am in no way experienced in it. Used to do, however, have it working effortlessly. Additionally towards the ProxyPass directives, I additionally specified a Listen 8080 directive and specified that port within the client request. It might be really worth trying that.