Ok here it is going i'm doing a migration BE.Net to WP.

Therefore the primary site www.clientdotnetsite.com its on server 03 and utilizes a SQL Server database. Its b .Internet Application and can remain such.

The customer stated "Hey I will begin a blog. Could we arrange it to improve Search engine optimization for that primary site?" So there exists a blog at www.clientdotnetsite.com/Blog completed in BlogEngine.Internet.

The client states "I would like it using blogging platforms now!", so instead of adjust establishing an WAMP atmosphere we made the decision allows migrate the blog to WordPress and also have it located via a big box web hosting company.

So this is actually the issue with Search engine optimization will we produce a new sub domain blog.clientdotnetsite.com and employ 301 Redirect

Or will we make use of the same domain and also have a reverse proxy and do link spinning within the reverse proxy ?

I'm only a simple programmer, i'm not an guru of any sort. Same with one considered Whitened Hat and also the other Black Hat ?

I've read that people will forfeit PageRank with 301 Redirect and can gain it back over time. Having a reverse proxy appears in my experience that since you want the traffic to undergo overturn proxy to be able to supply the illusion it's all one site. That will allow it to be Black Hat type of.

But i don't know, and so i request you :) Would you explain what you will do? The variations just any understanding i possibly could consume just like a buffet?

Flaky clients, they are the very best!

You are asking, will i make use of a content switch or will i HTTP redirect them.

This content switch is needlessly complicated with this solution, much less mention you'll consume lots of bandwidth between datacenters.

Here's the simplified network route. (Visit www.mydomain.com/Blog -> [Content Switch] -> from datacenter to myblog.wordpress.com -> to [Content Switch] -> to consumer.

It'll improve your load time (harmful to Search engine optimization), improve your bandwidth costs (harmful to customer), possibility of breakage (not a good idea).

I'd HTTP redirect them. A 301 (Permanent redirect) isn't as bad as people allow it to be to be. Just make certain you're employed on fixing all of the inbound linkes to www.mydomain.com/blog to suggest to myblod.wordpress.com.

You will want to log all 301 Redirect to determine who the referrer is, contact these to update the hyperlink.