I am attempting to wrap my mind around spinning some web addresses internally in Joomla! 1.7 with SEF features switched on but can't appear to find it:

The next SEF URL is available (food selection):


What I'd like may be the following:

http://website.com/local/amsterdam/trends (non-existant) to render http://website.com/local/amsterdam?show=trends while still exhibiting the very first URL.

Dealing with .htaccess the next works (but does not show SEF URL):

RewriteRule ^local/amsterdam/trends$ index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=176&show=trends [L]

But this does not:

RewriteRule ^local/amsterdam/trends$ local/amsterdam?show=trends [L]

I am wishing to locate a solution without needing to make use of an id to ensure that it'll dynamically render the right page for those metropolitan areas. I'ld appreciate any ideas on carrying this out inshtaccess in addition to different solutions to do this! Thanks ahead of time.

Although I had been initially hunting for a mod-rewrite solution I've determined a method to attain the same by modifying the (core) Joomla! router.

Online 47 of includes/router.php after:

$path = substr_replace($path, '', , strlen(JURI::base(true)))

I added the next:

$subpages = array("trends","other") //Add URL segments you need to reroute

foreach ($subpages as $subpage):

     if (strstr($path, "/".$subpage)) :

          $path = str_replace("/".$subpage, "", $path)

          $vars['show'] = $subpage



Now when loading http://world wide web.website.com/local/amsterdam/trends, this URL is displayed as the page http://world wide web.website.com/local/amsterdam is really packed with the ?show=trends parameter.

For me personally mtss is a more flexible solution than using mod-rewrite despite the fact that a core file is modified. You might like to apply certain conditional claims to simply run this code in a few conditions. Hope it will help.