I began your blog so when I transformed my permalink structure to /%postname%/ I recieve a webpage Not Found error. I would like my hyperlink to seem like this:


not this:


I just read a couple of posts about altering .htaccess but found no obvious solution. Any code good examples welcome or tips about wordpress plug-inches could be greatly appreciated.

Update I figured it might be vital that you point out that my host is running IIS7 but doesn't allow customers to the touch it. Additionally, I am uncertain associated with a limitations around the .htaccess file or other configuration restrictions.

.htaccess files only affect Apache (well, maybe another servers utilize it too, although not IIS). AFAIK URL spinning for IIS can be done, although not as simple.

ISAPIRewrite seems to become a commercial application that performs this, however, you'd want to get it placed on your server.

Personally, I would not lose any sleep over getting /index.php/ inside your web addresses.

Generally whenever you complete the dwelling, when the .htaccess file is writable it'll apply the rewrite for you personally, and when it is not it'll show exactly what the contents ought to be in the very bottom from the page. Have you check the foot of the page if it's not writable?

You don't have to code this yourself.