I wish to rewrite these to ensure that the written text within the adress bar ought to be


First, make certain you've mod_rewrite enabled in Apache. Also make certain that

 AllowOverride All

is enabled within the conf file. Then produce a .htaccess file using the following contents:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^city/([A-Za-z]+)\.html$ $1.html [L]

Part one from the RewriteRule may be the pattern. When the URL matches that pattern, the rule is performed and rerouted towards the second part. The $1 signifies the audience matched up by ([A-Za-z]+).

So /city/Amsterdam.html is rewritten to /Amsterdam.html

(Btw, I do not come with an choice to test drive it atm, it's things i appreciated in the rules I authored previously)